Backstory Cards for Foundry VTT

The Immaterial Plane presents Backstory Cards for Foundry Virtual Tabletop, officially licensed from Galileo Games!

Backstory Cards can help you and your friends create vibrant backstories for roleplaying games, no matter the system or genre.

Content licenses for each of the Foundry VTT modules are available for purchase on and Get the whole collection now!

Core Deck

The original Backstory Cards Core Deck is available to get you started with 45 prompt cards that help you craft your characters’ relationships with setting elements and other player characters.

Expansion #1

This pack features three, 15-card sets of themed prompts that touch on vast travel, legends of lost civilizations, and advanced technology as well as horror and investigation for survival, investigative, or conspiracy narratives, and even cyberpunk and modern noir themed stories.

Expansion #2

This 60-card pack expands the connections between your character and the world with even more Backstory Cards prompts.

Expansion #3

This pack contains Setting Elements. A completely different set of cards to help you create and expand on the setting elements that connect your characters. It also features cards for developing the motivations that drive the player and non-player characters.