Herbal Alchemy

Laeressa had gathered the necessary materials for her sacred bag of protection and was at last able to create it. Settling into her alchemy lab, she placed the plants, flowers, and ground-up bones into her mortar and entered a meditative state as she mixed them together. With the protection of this herbal amulet, she would stand a much better chance of surpassing the thorny branches and dangerous creatures of the Dark Forest. The wisdom of the ancients and the forces of nature guided her.

Herbal Alchemy is a new Arcane Background that empowers characters to create magical concoctions such as potions, poultices, medicinal foods, and adhesives using natural components. Herbal alchemists are uniquely able to harness the inherent arcane properties in the flora and fauna of their environment. With an additional new Power Edge, Herbal Mastery, these alchemists can infuse even greater strength into their brews.

Available on the Savage Worlds Adventurer’s Guild