Request a Print of Eberron for Savage Worlds

Eberron for Savage Worlds is available in print-on-demand at cost. Complete this form to request an estimate.

Eberron for Savage Worlds is published as a Savage Worlds Ace licensee product, but it is also in compliance with the WotC Fan Content Policy. This is why the Google Doc is freely available and the premium PDF is available for a donation.

We use IngramSpark as our print-on-demand service, which Lightning Source—the same company DriveThruRPG uses—operates for independent publishers and authors. The book is printed in a glossy hardcover 6×9 format with black and white interior and features the same cover, layout, and content as the premium PDF.

We can’t sell the book strictly speaking, but we can allow you to order a print-on-demand copy at cost as well as offer an option to purchase it at a higher amount as a way to show support for the time, cost, and energy that went into this project.

Orders within the US

Below are two options for purchase. The first is an at-cost price for you to order your personal copy. The second option is what I would most likely price the book for retail.

These two options are only available in the United States.

Order at Cost

The Immaterial Plane receives no compensation from this option.

Offer Compensation

Show your appreciation for the time, work, and costs that went into this project.

International Orders

For locations outside of the United States, we’ll need the information below to provide a total cost.

The print-on-demand ordering process is a manual process, so please be patient if you don’t hear from us immediately after submitting the form.

If you’d like a copy, fill out the form below, and we’ll reach out with the calculated total and method of transferring funds to pay for the print order.

Please note that the lowest cost shipping option does not include tracking. If you would like to pay for a shipping option that does include tracking, be sure to let us know in the notes.

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