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Savage Eberron: New and Updated Races

I have made some updates to Eberron for Savage Worlds.

  • Started adding named versions to the Google Doc for easier tracking of what has been changed and when using Google Docs’ version history feature.
  • Inspired by the Goblinoids episode of Manifest Zone, added bugbears, goblins, and orcs .
  • Adjusted gnomes and halflings due to an ability point oversight related to the Size -1 racial ability.
    • Halflings have a d6 in Athletics and Stealth, Common Bond, Lucky, Size -1, and Reduced Pace. 
    • Changed the gnome’s illusion power from a Power ability and Focus Skill Ability to a Super Power Ability for the same cost.
    • Gnomes now have a starting d6 in Common Knowledge.
  • Corrected miscellaneous typos and copy/paste errors.

Thanks to Michael Greszler for pointing out the miscalculations and helping me work out the fixes.

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I'm glad I could help, Kristian. You've done a wonderful job converting this setting to a system that does it justice! Thank you!

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