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Savage Eberron: Character Concepts, Artificers, Content Organization, and Version History

I have made some significant revisions to Savage Eberron this month, but nothing that changes much mechanically. This update is more about content organization and presentation.

Version History

To start with, I’m ditching the idea of a changelog. Instead, I’ve created a folder in which I will keep copies of previous versions in a revision archive with changes tracked but not approved. The archive is a Google Drive folder that will contain dated copies of previous versions with the changes applied by the latest version. This will allow anyone to see what edits I made and where. I made this change to better support individuals who create amazing things like the Eberron for Savage Worlds Fantasy Grounds module or It’s far easier to edit only the parts that need updating than it is to manually compare changes.

Character Concepts

Some of you might remember the list of character concepts in the pre-SWADE version of Savage Eberron. Well, they’re back, updated for SWADE, and even better! Instead of mashing all of the suggested Edges into a single list, I’ve broken them out into multiple lists based on Edge types. This makes looking for those Edges a bit easier. Speaking of Edges…

Reorganized Edges

I moved the bulleted list of “Other Edges” into the main list of Edges so that it’s easier to “shop” for them. It seemed like they would be lost and forgotten being shoved at the end. The Edges do not contain descriptions, only links to the products from which they originated.

Arcane Background (Artifice Magewright)

I also decided to rename Arcane Background (Artifice) to Magewright, and I changed the skill to Magewrighting. No game mechanics were altered by this. The reason renamed it was because it was confusing when talking about the artificer archetype and the Artificer Edge and associated Edges from Artificer’s Codex. Now the names of the Edge and the archetype line up well.

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