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Using Bennies for Higher Initiative

I was thinking about my concept of Epilogues for Savage Worlds campaigns and how a player can spend a benny to draw another card. I wondered why we don’t apply this to drawing from the Action Deck for initiative. If we can use bennies to reroll, why not use them to redraw, too?

This doesn’t devalue the Quick or Level-headed Edges either. Those still apply. It does empower the Lucky Edge to effectively have Quick or Level-headed, too, if the player chose to use the bennies for that purpose, but that’s still a limited resource versus an Edge that always works.

So how does it work?

Bennies for Initiative

At any time during a round, a player may spend a benny to draw an additional card from the Action Deck. The effects from the Quick and Level-headed Edges do not apply to this draw.

New Background Edge

Really Quick

Requirements: Veteran, Quick
When the player spends a benny to draw another card from the Action Deck for initiative, the effects of the Quick Edge apply to the draw.

Let me know if you tried out this mechanic in your game and how it worked (or didn’t work).


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