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Savage Eberron: Preparing for a Final Release

I just did another massive update on Eberron for Savage Worlds. This update completes all of the entries in “Chapter 11: Monsters” in the v3.5 Eberron Campaign Setting and adds some additional content in other parts of the document. Below is a list of changes made.

Changelog: 2020-06-07

  • Monsters
    • Carcass Crab
    • Hag, Dusk
    • Horse, Valenar Riding
    • Quori
      • Tuscora Quori
    • Karrnathi Undead Soldier
      • Replaces the Karrnathi Skeleton and Zombie
      • Collapses the Fighter and Archer into one entry
    • Rakshasa, Zakya
    • Undying
      • Deathless Special Ability (They’re just positive energy undead)
      • Ascendant Councilor (near gods)
      • Undying Councilor
      • Undying Soldier
  • Other Content
    • Moved Character Concepts under Creating Adventurers where it was supposed to be (bad copy/paste on my behalf).
    • Arcane Mastery Edge and reference to Savage Rifts Mega Modifiers for more powerful magic at higher ranks.
    • Lock/unlock power
      • Thank you, Ian Alloway!
      • This will be added to the Mark of Warding in the future. Other dragonmarks will get more powers in the future, too, pending the release of the updated Fantasy Companion and Horror Companion.
    • Modified Kalashter Dual Mind ability to be a reroll of the Psionics skill to retain value for the Mentalist Edge.

Nearing a Final Release

Savage Eberron is pretty complete. I’m planning to prepare the document for a final release which will contain updates based on the revised Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion and Horror Companion, both of which are under development by Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Both of those might impact powers available for dragonmarks as well as how Rituals operate.

Once those revisions are made, I plan to produce a finished PDF with any updates after that being corrections only.

The only new content I plan to produce after will be a compilation of stat blocks for NPCs from the Eberron Campaign Setting, sourcebooks, and adventures and monsters from various supplements and adventures. Those, too, will eventually be compiled in a finished PDF titled “Allies and Threats.”

Logo for Savage Worlds Fan License

This game references the Savage Worlds game system, available from Pinnacle Entertainment Group at www.peginc.comSavage Worlds and all associated logos and trademarks are copyrights of Pinnacle Entertainment Group. Used with permission. Pinnacle makes no representation or warranty as to the quality, viability, or suitability for purpose of this product.

2 replies on “Savage Eberron: Preparing for a Final Release”

Please include a print version, I can’t stand PDFs. Eberron and Savage world’s are my two favorite games. Being a homeless geek sucks, I’d become a Luddite if I wasn’t dependent on things like Amazon, Lyft as well as Google and maps.

The best we could do for a print version is offer a file that you could print on demand through a service such as Lulu. The fan license restricts it from being a product for sale be it digital or print.

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