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Updates to the Savage Worlds Dice Roller

I’ve recently made a significant number of enhancements to the Savage Worlds Dice Roller.

  • The ability to adjust the target number and modifier after the roll to recalculate success and raises.
  • A reroll button for rolling the same die rolls or combinations you just rolled with a single click.
  • Tabs for toggling among different types of rolls.
  • A new option for standard (non-acing) rolls (good for table rolls or the running die).
  • Keyboard navigation for both accessibility and easier desktop use.
    • Tab key to navigate among fields.
    • Arrow keys to increase or decrease the Target Number, modifier, or Wild Die fields.
    • Arrow keys to switch among types of die rolls (Space to activate)
    • Enter to roll a selected die.
  • Offline availability, making it a cross-platform mobile app. Use your browser’s “Add to Home screen” feature to have it open in a separate app window and use it even if you don’t have internet connectivity.
  • UPDATE: Now with Discord Integration! Send your die rolls to Discord!

One reply on “Updates to the Savage Worlds Dice Roller”

This is so much better than the way we were rolling dice in Discord. One suggestion would be to add the option for number of dice in the Damage Roll tab as it currently sends 3 messages, adding them up each time, if I want to roll 3d6 for example.

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