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Eberron for Savage Worlds Errata

We’ve been collecting feedback for Eberron for Savage Worlds and have made updates to the free Google Doc version of the book. The PDF will be updated as soon as Karl Keesler is able to get to it. Below is a list of corrections and clarifications we’ve made. Page references are for the PDF version specifically.

  • Page 11, Changeling, Outsider: Appended “, but their changeling instincts still give them some advantage.” at the end.
  • Page 12, Gnome, Illusionist: Changed to “Gnomes can create imaginary images and sounds using the illusion power with the Sound Modifier at will.”
  • Page 14, Warforged, Living Construct, third bullet: Changed to “Cannot heal naturally, and using the Healing skill or casting healing on a warforged has a −2 penalty. Wounds can be removed with the Repair skill, which takes one hour per Wound per attempt and is not limited to the “Golden Hour,” or by casting repairing. (−2)”
  • Page 15, Warforged, Steel Fists: Changed to “Warforged may attack with their fists as natural weapons that deal Str+d4 damage.”
  • Page 21, Dragonmarks Table:
    • Mark of Hospitality: Changed “no damage” to “Special Effects only”.
    • Mark of Storm: Added “Move and Push only” to limitations of elemental manipulation.
  • Page 33, Artificer: 
    • Powers: Added drain Power Points (arcane devices only) and elemental manipulation (earth only, Move and Special Effects only), and environmental protection
    • Limitations: Removed “do not”
  • Page 39, Psion: Removed concentrate power. (This power is from the first (Explorer’s) edition of the Savage Worlds Fantasy Companion and no longer exists.)
  • Page 43, Awaken: Moved “Range” to follow “Power Points.”
  • Page 43, Conjure Item: Appended the following to the True Creation modifier. “Although the item is permanent, Power Points are not permanently invested.”
  • Page 44, Dimensional Lock: Move “Ranged” to follow “Power Points.”
  • Page 58, Crafting Siberys Shard Items: Siberys was missing the last s in the heading.
  • Page 60, Armblade: Removed “and has Reach of 1” at the end of the first paragraph.

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They have been updated already. If you downloaded it through Itch or DTRPG, I uploaded the files there. If you donated through PayPal and you didn’t receive an email from us with a download link when we updated the PDF, contact us privately via our contact form, and we’ll get it to you.

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