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Warforged Update in Eberron for Savage Worlds

Warforged were pretty great as they were, but there were some oversights, inconsistencies, and things that just didn’t quite make sense.

The first issue was their immunity to Fatigue versus their required period of rest. First, complete immunity to Fatigue was a bit much, and it didn’t account for the fact that Warforged still feel. They should be able to take Bumps and Bruises if they’re banged up. It also overlapped with their lack of need to breathe, eat, and drink, and their immunity to poison. Needing 6 hours of rest (but not actual sleep) also conflicted with the rules for Fatigue as there would be no consequence to not resting.

The second issue was losing Persuasion as a core skill. They already have Outsider which penalizes Persuasion. Additionally, while the art of Persuasion can be taught, it can also be developed by one’s own intuition, rational thought, or emotional intelligence even.

With that in mind, here are the changes to the Warforged.

  • Built for War:
    • Change (-2) to (-1)
    • Change description to “Warforged were designed, built, and trained as tools of war. Their world knowledge off of the battlefield is limited. They do not have Common Knowledge as a core skill.”
  • Composite Plating:
    • Change (+1) to (+2).
    • Change +2 Armor to +4 Armor.
  • Living Construct:
    • Change (+6) to (+4)
    • First bullet: Remove “, never suffers penalties from or becomes Incapacitated by Fatigue (+3)”
    • Second bullet:
      • Change (+1) to (+2)
      • Remove second sentence

The full write up has been added to the Google Doc and will be updated in the PDF in the near future.

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