Savage Worlds

New SWADE Dice Roller Features

The Savage Worlds Dice Roller has several new features added to it to make rolling dice a bit more fun (and somewhat addictive)!

3D Dice!

Rolling dice now actually rolls dice! I’ve rewritten the code entirely to use Dice-Box, a JavaScript module for rolling 3D dice.

The dice roller app with 3d dice displayed and a history of rerolls.

Reroll History

Now everytime you hit the Reroll button, the previous rolls are retained in a list until the Reset button is pressed. Additionally, updates to Target Numbers or modifiers are applied to all entries in the history.

Percentage Dice

Percentage dice were missing from the Standard Rolls tab because previously, Savage Worlds didn’t make use of the the percentile die. In recent publications, there have been a few cases where they are used. It’s also nice to have as a GM in case you ever just want to roll d% anyway.

A demonstration of the percentage die roll result.

If you’ve recently used the Savage Worlds Dice Roller, simply load it up again, and you should be prompted to reload for an update. If you’re not prompted, simply refresh it it to force a reload.

If you find any bugs, please feel free to contact us or comment below.

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