Savage Worlds

Updates to the Savage Worlds Dice Roller

I’ve recently made a significant number of enhancements to the Savage Worlds Dice Roller.

  • The ability to adjust the target number and modifier after the roll to recalculate success and raises.
  • A reroll button for rolling the same die rolls or combinations you just rolled with a single click.
  • Tabs for toggling among different types of rolls.
  • A new option for standard (non-acing) rolls (good for table rolls or the running die).
  • Keyboard navigation for both accessibility and easier desktop use.
    • Tab key to navigate among fields.
    • Arrow keys to increase or decrease the Target Number, modifier, or Wild Die fields.
    • Arrow keys to switch among types of die rolls (Space to activate)
    • Enter to roll a selected die.
  • Offline availability, making it a cross-platform mobile app. Use your browser’s “Add to Home screen” feature to have it open in a separate app window and use it even if you don’t have internet connectivity.
  • UPDATE: Now with Discord Integration! Send your die rolls to Discord!

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